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John Casper
I am Darrell's former neighbor on Union Schoolhouse Road. I read the book while attending a funeral in Minnesota. I am no literary critic and I am sure that I was biased by knowing the author but was really amazed that Darrell wrote this book! It certainly kindled a sense of patriotism and the importance of family with me. I know that Darrell's true legacy is his family but Dreams Outback will certainly make him and Donna immortal! Great job!
16 February 2009 - Toledo, OH

"I only heard about this book two weeks ago through a friend and I read it straight through. It's about time some one in America wrote a book so people of all ages could relate to and understand! This book has it all, religion, love, mystery, honor, war, and politics. The great thing about this book is most older Americans have done the things written inside the book covers. The book held my attention throughout and my raw emotions were awaken with love to anger, and tears to laughter. Therefore I rate the book Dreams Outback five stars!
16 February 2009 - Nacogdoches, Texas

Darrell I was at your Jan. 31, book signing in Huber Heights, Ohio. I stood off by myself unnoticed in the crowd and listen as you gave your book presentation. I would have bought a book that day but I didnít have any money with me. But, that same day when I got home I bought a copy over the Internet. Darrell, I fell in love with your book, because the stories were so me! Your book brought back my memories of once being a young child and in love with a little girl in the sixth grade. As I read, I became tangled in the story line and found myself riding that roller coaster of emotion with no hands that you spoke of at the book signing. Darrell, I rate, Dreams Outback, Five Stars.
12 February 2009 - West Charleston, Ohio

Abby Cade
Papa, your book is amazing. You totally inspired me by the way that you have accomplished everything. And thanks for let me read when you were writing the manuscript. You make me very proud to have you as my Grandpa.
1 February 2009 - Beavercreek, Ohio

Sergeant Bill veteran WWII
Hello Darrell, read your book! Iím passing it on to my great grandson to read who is thirteen-years old. Your writings, as you said, did make me young again, and I did relive a good portion of my younger life through the characters in the book. Itís been a long time since words on printed paper awoke my tired old mind to the point of tears followed by laughter and then anger! Youíll right, your book does tell the true story about rainbows and unicorns. But myself, Iím approaching ninety and still searching for the pot of gold at lifeís end. Darrell, I have two words for you. Write another!
29 January 2009 - Cuero Texas

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