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Mike Jones
Hey, great read.
Mystery had me fooled, all the way to ending. What a great adventure with the two kids growing to adulthood and the struggles looking for the American Dream.

Your words all came true as history has proved you right.
Can't believe you could see so far ahead of America's swamp in our federal government and the corrupt federal judges.
This book was a great read for all ages.
You'll laugh, cry, and be very upset as the wounded solders come home from the war.

Any person that loves America must read this book. The ones who don't love our Country just shut-up.
1 December 2019 - Clearwater Beach FL.

Billy Joe Price
Loved your book! Fooled me by the book cover! LOL

How could you have predicted the future events of America years ago when writing your book? I guess only your eyes, with God whispering in your ears was the only way a mortal could see the events years in advance.

With the invasion of millions of illegal aliens crossing our borders at will, sanctuary cities shielding murders, the burning of the American Flag, millionaire professional athletes not standing for our National Anthem, all with the approval of dishonest politicians and federal judges letting non-American citizens vote.
As you quoted in your book ďA house that is divided cannot standĒ.

It seemed as if I was there with the two young children growing up in search of the American dream. Yes! I did laugh many times, and with the great love story that warmed my heart gave me hope. But, I felt the stinging taste of death many times with salty tears of death and the prices paid by our American soldiers was heart breaking.

I give thumbs up to this remarkable book.
4 November 2018 - Houston Texas

Joyce Ann Friend
What a book! Couldnít believe the ending! The mystery. I was sure I figured out who, where, and what was taking place and knew who all the characters were. But, the ending blew my socks off, and tears ran down my face. But, after, the tears, I when back and read the book again, and certain clues in the dialogue between the main characters made me rethink the ending. My sister, who also read the book, did the same thing.

So, with your great skills, you make the reader think! All the books that Iíve read in my lifetime, not one left me hanging with two different endings. And Iím still undecided which ending to choose.

I will be passing my book around to all my friends to read and let them shed their own tears, and come to their own conclusion.

24 March 2018 - Wright State University Ohio

Donna Martin |
I Loved your book. Gonna tell all my friends.
18 March 2018 - Riverside, Ohio

Brian Cudnik
A friend of mine from church (Wilma) loaned me the book and encouraged me to read it, which I did. Once I started it, I had a hard time putting it down. The detailed stories of one's life growing up, the emotional roller coaster, and all made for a really profound and though-provoking reading. I was able to relive similar instances in my own life and came to know the characters in a real way.

This really put a lot of things in perspective: God, country, family, the precious sacrifices of our men and women in uniform that most seem to take for granted ("Oh, by the way, 3 more marines died in Iraq today."). This story made their sacrifices very real and significant and has motivated me to do what I can as a citizen to honor their sacrifices by fighting for freedom in my own way (through activism, my involvement with Truth in Textbooks, etc.). It has also taught me to value those in my life who are close to me, whether they are still on Earth or have gone on to Heaven.

Your book is truly a beacon of light and hope after having experienced a season of personal loss (a number of good friends and family in my life passing away since October 2016). Thank you and God bless you and yours!
1 August 2017 - Houston, Texas USA

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