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Linda C.
Hello Darrell, I’ve never met you, but I read your book twice. A friend, advised me to check out your book, so I did. At first, when I laid eyes on the book cover, my thoughts were of a child’s book! Boy was I mistaken! Your writings are very deep and emotional. The second time reading, I discovered the missing pieces I hurriedly read over that were the key to unlock the mystery. The tears that dropped on the pages were real, and so was my laughter and anger. You must yourself have led an unbelievable array of diverse excitement in your lifetime. Are the scars from the fire still visible? You should be very proud of those hidden trophies. Very few people in life would have had the courage to risk their life the first time, but three times, is inconceivable. You sir are an unsung hero!
4 July 2010 - Phoenix AZ USA

How soft spoken and methodically are the uncomplicated words. One page grabs you by the throat, holds you breathless and gasping for air. Then on the next page, the frightening fears and anxiety of death and tears are flipped to laughter. After you read this book, you'll be proud to be an American!

22 June 2010 - Centennial Colorado

I am the sister, of Bobby Pittman, a MIA - Mohawk Aviator - lost over North Vietnam/Laos flying classified missions. I only know this much because of the Mohawkers and the Internet, but at least I know more than we were ever told. I am writing to thank you and to wish you a Happy Memorial Day. You made a comment on my brothers name on the Virtual Wall - Jacksonville Florida- and I am so very thankful to you for making such a wonderful statement about never forgetting him or the other MIA's. GOD bless you.
31 May 2010 - Jacksonville, FL

A. Neil
Mr. Norrod, you are indeed an artist, you painted unforgettable pictures with the words in your book! The way you insert the adult reader into the lives of the two young children is magnificent. The children’s personal tragedies, their struggles to obtain the American dream and to gain knowledge of our Country’s history with war and terrorist events taking place were enlightening to say the least!

The way you introduced death, politics, and religion, and incorporated the Constitution of the United States to the American people was a way never conceived by others before you in the literary world.

The mystery of the book is impressive as my quick-witted mind wandered with many different directions which were all proven wrong. The ending of the book is astounding and sobering, your achievement to make a dominant male person as I cry was impressive and overwhelm astonishing.

The Bill O’Reilly’s, Glenn Beck’s, and the Shawn Hannity’s of the world must blush with envy comparing their knowledge with the wisdom of your book. In my humble opinion, your novel should be placed high on every bookshelf in America and introduced to filmmakers on the big screen for the world to see!
26 January 2010 - Honolulu Hawaii

No one would ever guess of the things you had to over come in order to write this book.
I believe that this book was for you as well as others. God works in mysterious ways.
Isn't it wonderful that we have salvation from God when His Son, Jesus Christ was crucified and then Rose again! But like other gifts that are given to us, we have to accept them for ourselves.
You do have a wonderful gift of insight. I thoroughly enjoyed the way you conveyed each persons personality. WOW! A lot of insight in many ways are shown, as well as in personalities. You have really taken to heart our Military and stepped into their shoes. DOUBLE WOW!
The book was a gift from God to all.

8 December 2009 - Ohio USA

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