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Smitty Smith
Hey! What a great book. If the right film producer read your book, it could be a great TV series or a big screen movie like no other made. But unfortunately, most Hollywood producers are liberals and stay away from books as yours, because you tell it like it is.

The characters are so real, makes the reader bond to them and when the tears fall, after seeing the wounded soldiers coming back home from Iraq and feeling the pain of a small boy watching, and hearing Taps played over a Flag Draped Coffin how could any real American support a politically correct war? Take the handcuffs off our soldiers and let them fight to win! War is not pretty!

You did it all my man! Laughter, love, tears, honor, valor, God and Country, 9/11, and the mistreatment of our Veterans and when the truth is told about are two political parties and Congress being corrupt makes me want to puke.

Whoever reads this please tell everybody about this book! Because they’ll never be another one ever written that covers the whole scope of the American dream as this one!

PS: I loved the part when the pastor at the little white church asks, “What would the world be like if Jesus Christ had not been born?”
20 September 2016 - Dallas, TX

Ron Wilson |
Darrell, as you well know I enjoyed your book so much I purchased 10 more and gave them as Christmas gifts to all of my employees. I can honestly say that I was never an avid reader until I received a copy of Dreams Outback. I started reading the book just a few days before being admitted to the hospital with heart problems. Just before the ambulance arrived to pick me up I sat quietly on the couch clutching the book like it was my lifeline. I continued reading during my 3 days in the hospital and finished sitting on my couch the very afternoon I was released. I can remember crying like a baby when I finally had reached the end. Thanks to you and your wonderful story I now read anything I can get my hands on that contains God and country. It was really wonderful meeting you and Donna and to find out that we both come from the same background. It was wonderful to have you and Donna invite me and my family to your home to talk about what inspired your book. God bless you my brother and may we meet again.
16 November 2015 - New Carlisle, Ohio

Jo Ann Marshal
Hello Mr. Norrod, I’m so glad I read your book. You head the nail on the head by using three generations of an American family to portray the good, and to oppose the bad and the ugly of our Country’s high elected officials and their appointed federal judges.

I never dreamed when I first began reading that this book would contain the laughter of children, the tears of death, the shredding of the Constitution, illegal aliens, terrorism, and a beautiful love story that travels to the battlefields of Iraq.

I was laughing on one page, crying on the next and mad as hell on the next. Take my word for it, all who can read, and who loves America this is a must read.
8 July 2015 - Greensboro NC

Michael Lacy
Thank you for your support Department service officer for The American Legion The Great state of Texas
27 November 2014 - Texas

Charlie Thomas |
It's really frustrating to experience the lack of common sense among the majority of our citizens. Is Obama putting something in the water?
1 August 2014 - Xenia, Ohio. USA

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