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Ray Handover
Point blank…this book should be made into a big screen blockbuster movie.

I don’t claim to know the workings of Hollywood or movie directing, but I do know about people.

With a little editing and the correct movie cast, the paying patrons would leave the big screen cinemas in awe, with their tears and laughter both accompanying them.

The contents of this book is written in such a reveling nature, most Americans, even those with limited comprehension skills, will understand the true meaning of this novel. The events that take place, with laughter, love, passion, war, politics, and death, bring the mystery of the novel to a boiling climax.

The reader’s innermost emotions are tested on the last page to hold back the tears, while asking the final absolute question, did he or didn’t he?

Take my advice, read this book, and ask yourself the final question.
23 July 2011 - Dallas, Texas

Victor B.
When reading this book, I realized how far we as a nation have slid from God. Self-witnessing the events that have transpired in the last five decades are the five stepping-stones to doom for America. Each God-fearing being should take the opportunity to read and thoroughly digest the true and sincere meanings of this author’s words.
20 April 2011 - Detroit Michigan USA

Bill Halstead
20 yrs. USAF --SAC/AFCS Nam-'65/66/67. Keep up good work
14 April 2011 - Florida/Maryland

John Gibbs
Hi Darrell, you are what makes America the Real deal. Thanks for everything. May we always honor God, Family and Country.
23 November 2010 - Hazel Green, Ky

Ursula Yunger
Dear Darrell,

Thank you for writing the wonderful rendition ” Dreams Outback” it is an uplifting and inspiring story. Young and old, especially immigrants should read your wonderful description about America’s tradition and way of life.

I was drawn into the story line as characters came alive and events unfolded.

Your love for this country is a wonderful testimony of a patriotic American, and honorable man.

Thank you for honoring our American heroes; it is because of their dedication and sacrifices we enjoy freedom and liberty.

God bless America, and our past and present veterans.
Thank you for your service to our country. You are my hero!

Best wishes,

2 October 2010 - Coolidge AZ

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