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Ben Crum
Congratulations on finishing your book. My wife Tammy read it in two days. I can not wait to read it myself, from what Tammy has told me it should be a nonstop read. I am very proud of you for accomplishing your goal.
3 December 2008 - Jamestown, Ohio, USA

Toni Biedenharn
Darrell, I wish only the best for you and Donna both. I cannot wait to order my book. You are the best. Update, I drove from KY To Dayton, Ohio to get my copy autographed. Love this book.
30 November 2008 - Fort Thomas, Ky.

Sara Norrod
Hey g-pa stopped by to say that I can't wait to read your book! Update, read your book and I grew up and learn the true meaning of being an American.
29 November 2008 - Riverside, Ohio USA

Kimberley Cade
I love you Dad! I'm very proud of you for writing this book! May God bless your hard work!
27 November 2008 - Beavercreek, Ohio, USA

Donna Norrod
Darrell, Your book is absolutely fantastic! Even though I have read it many times it still makes me laugh and cry and draws me into the story. I know you will sell lots of books. Good Luck!
Donna (Your pretty girl)
20 November 2008 - Riverside, Ohio

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