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Annette Gordon
I am thankful for a dear friend who sent this book to me.Thank You Darrell for being a Man for others to emulate.
1 December 2009 - Lexington North Carolina

Darrell, your book spoke to my heart and told me many things about life as I read. It seems you somehow knew the pain in my soul and body. Im a twenty-two year old disabled person who has been confined to a wheelchair since the age of eight. I was told by everyone that I was the lucky one because both of my parents were killed in the same automobile accident that left me paralyzed from the waist down.

Left to society to feed and clothe, my path through life has a long dirty roadmap of foster care occupied with cruel mental abuse in loveless homes. With bedsores sharing my wheelchair, stained sheets and the smell of urine in my rented rest home room, my life was empty and void of hope.

But while reading your book about the little girl, and how you saw Jesus Christ at the fast food restaurant, my life for the first time since the accident had hope through what I read and led my broken body to Jesus Christ. Hes everywhere, but somehow my spiteful and self-pity filled eyes could not see Him looking over my shoulder. Thank you Mr. Norrod for the tears that washed away the anger and rage so I could see Him.
20 September 2009 - Chicago Illinois

I met you today at the Riverside city festival. Within 2 seconds you had sold your book to me. Within the next 5 minutes you had sold your story to me. I haven't read the book yet, but I will be sure to check back after I do and let you know how much I loved it. I can't wait.
31 August 2009 - Beavearcrek, Ohio

J. D. Smith
May I please address you as Darrell? Darrell, even-though we have never met, after reading your book, it feels as if you and I are old friends. Your book was very special to me, because I personally have lived a great portion of your writings. As I read, the events in your novel became as real to me as real life. As I grew-up with the Kid and the Little Girl, I laughed as they did and cried when grief entered their lives. I laughed, cried, and loved, as if I was a living character in your book. Good luck Darrell, I will recommend your book to all my friends.
11 July 2009 - Columbia SC

Hello, my full name is not important, but what I must say concerning your book is. Im a single mother and Im raising two children by myself, because my husband was killed in action after he enlisted in the Army in 2001. He enlisted after witnessing the terror attack on Sept. 11, 2001, and I didnt want him to go, but he insisted. So, I guess that gives me the right to speak my mind.

After putting my children to bed at night, I know loneliness first hand in a lonely bedroom as I cry and ask, Why God, why? How could You let something so terrible happen to me and my children?

While reading page 146 in your book and hearing the Little Girl ask the young nameless boy this question, How can God permit these mean and evil people to kill thousands of innocent men, women, and children who they dont even know?

Somehow, the young nameless boys simple words spoke to my heart, and answered a very complex question that has been burning in my head since the death of my husband and the nightmare funeral that changed my life.

Thank you Mr. Norrod for your deep and honest writing that answered my question to God.
20 May 2009 - Knoxville, TN

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