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Darla Rosser |
It is books like yours that our world need to read. We need to know we care about each other and through God I know you do.
8 February 2013 - Strattanville, PA

Libby Paxton
Hi Mr. Norrod,
My brother-in-law Harry met you at the Stebbins 45th High School reunion. He is a pastor, which he may not have told you. He and my sister raved about meeting you! They told me I HAD TO GET YOUR BOOK JUST from the FEW MINUTES they talked to you about it!! You must be very convincing --- OR --- God must be working through your book! From the testimonies on your site, it appears to be the latter.
9 December 2012 - Cincinnati, Ohio

Sue Grooms
I didn't like your book…because I couldn't put it down! Once I started I hungered for more!

Your book is for everyone! I highly recommend it to all I see and talk to! I want everybody to read it so I’m giving your book for Christmas and Birthdays! It should be a “Best Seller” as far as I’m concerned!

The love, passion and laughter, one page would have me happy and smiling then all of a sudden you’d have me crying from death, war or politics. One thing for sure on this roller coaster ride you’ll need a box of tissues by your side, because you don’t know where you’ll be on the next few pages.

Your writings were SO phenomenal from the characters and their love for each other, to what was happening around them that felt so real. The Pastor was so intent and told it like it is, if we had more like him today we would have more people staying awake during the services and wanting to hear what the Pastor had to say next!

Your book sure renewed my patriotism, making me want to stand up and salute our flag and shout “Yeah! I’m an American”! I Refortified the fact every time I have the honor of meeting a past or present military person I always shake their hand and “thank” them for my Freedom!

The ending is astounding and sobering and in my heart I have to believe he lived.
God won’t find you, minister to you through someone, and then let you die.

Darrell, after reading the book I loved the short story you told and the struggle you had with the Lord to complete it! I’m SO glad HE won! Isn't it wonderful having him as our Savior?
20 November 2012 - Xenia, Ohio

Mary Lyn B.
I loved the passion and the love story of this book. My emotions were overwhelmed as I place my feet in the nameless boy's shoes with the reality of war and death, but the humor was indeed a great balancing act that dried my wet tears to laughter while trying to solve the mystery.

The way you bounced the reader back and fourth in history to current events was remarkable. Your forethought and predictions into the future of America have all come true. Your ability to place the reader as a living character in a book is not often found. How you do this is mind-boggling.

What more can I say, Great job.
24 March 2012 - Kettering Ohio

Pam Tebow
Hello Darrell, enjoyed your book, especially where the nameless Youngman spoke, “As I felt the new life moving inside of the Little Girl’s warm body, I wondered to myself, ‘How could someone take the life of an unborn child?’”

I highly recommend this book, for all who believe in God and are willing to learn the lessons of life.
15 January 2012 - Jacksonville, Florida USA

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