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Jill Morris
I fell in love with your characters, because you let me, the reader, paint their faces, and give them names. Good luck Mr. Norrod and may the Pastor at the little white church remember you in prayer.
4 May 2009 - Hot Springs Arkansas

Mr. Norrod, I read your book after a good friend loaned me her copy. Your book is for the world to read! The rest of the world should read your book so they can see what a real American family is really like. Most people in other countries have no idea of the love we Americans share with our families, and the love we have for each other, and for our God and our Country. My mother and father will be the next to read your book.
4 May 2009 - Gallup New Mexico

Capt. Mark USAF Retired
Sir, as a veteran of the Gulf War, I salute you for your book and your gallant effort to teach the young people in our Country the true meaning of sacrifice. I hate to admit it, but a whole lot of people, young and old in America donít give a (edit) about our Countryís soldiers and their familyís sacrifices to give them the right to (edit) and moan about the people who give the most! Good luck with your book, and Sir, I am proud to call you, a Great American.

26 April 2009 - Durham, North Carolina

Kelly and family
Mr. Norrod, I met you very briefly at the Dayton Tea Party and thatís where my family got our copy of your book. After reading your book, I realized you must have had some serious help from God, because the things the Pastor at the little white church told his congregation of American people are coming to pass right before our eyes.
I was very pleased and surprised the way you held me to the book with no chapters, and as I read, I didnít want to stop. Thank you so much for listening to God and writing a book with so much passion for all Americans, young and old to read! Thanks for the mystery questions.
18 April 2009 - Wapakoneta, Ohio

Mr. Norrod I read your book after receiving it for my seventeenth birthday. Sir, after reading your book I realized what freedom really means. Most kids at my high school and the teachers too take our freedom in this country for granted. Dreams Outback made me cry like I was a baby and made me stick out my chest with pride to live in the land of the free. I also received a good American history lesson by reading your book. Thanks for the laughter and the tears.
Sign, William a Wayne High School senior
27 March 2009 - Huber Heights, Ohio

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