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Polo Step
Read your book, it took me awhile, but I figured out who the brave young man was at the trailer fire! But in your writings about the author, you really didnít tell any of the things you did in your secret life. Being inquisitive and curious I requested newly released documents through the freedom of information act. I dug deep and now you are my hero. What a great cover-up job. Car parts salesmen. Youíre lucky to be alive.
19 July 2014 - USA

Bob Jr.
By reading this book, it made me a better person and more appreciative of being an American. Actually, I was so overwhelmed with what I read I contacted the author and spoke with him on the phone. Iím now on his email list and enjoy each and everyone. If you want a good read with God and Country, read this book.
16 June 2014 - Richmond KY

Thomas M Higgins
Wonderful, sad , funny, emotional, thank you
16 June 2014 - Kettering Ohio

D'Avril Chamness |
WAKE UP AMERICA is a war-cry for Americans to get out of their "comfort zones" and see what they are letting government do right under their sleepy noses.

I encourage everyone-young or old-to take classes and learn what the Constitution is supposed to be and what our representatives are doing now before the US becomes a socialist country under tyranny!!!

I always love to view your e-mails with the wit and honesty. Would love to meet Darrell in person some day.
27 March 2014 - Dayton, OH

Jack Robbins
Hello Darrell Norrod.
What a Great Read!
The way you begin the mystery with the nameless characters and unravel the truth that you alone had the foresight to predict about the future of our Country is astounding. Doing it through the lifeís journey with two children to adulthood was amazing. This book has it all, mystery, religion, war, politics, love, happiness, tears and death. What more could a reader want! To all who read this, take my word, youíll never forget reading this living novel, because you have, and will, live the events that unfold inside.
Thumbs up!
11 October 2013 - AZ USA

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